Thursday, August 30, 2007

Week 9

23 things was a good experience - I couldn't participate at length but enough to get the idea and know where I want to go back later. I see great potential in a few "things" and I know that many of my colleagues are using some now that they have become aware. Our Young Adult team is working on how to videocast booktalks. Exciting! After this experience I WILL schedule in time to continue with this learning process of staying no more than one step behind this rapidly morphing technology - mostly because it's fun.

This is my favorite video clip. I saw it on Ellen one day and could not NOT laugh.

Podcast - I added More Hip Than a Hippie to my Bloglines feeds.

Our library has provided downloadable audio to customers for two years - both Overdrive and RecordedBooks via NetLibrary. While some Caroline County residents are still having difficulty obtaining high speed access, both products show use but are not heavily promoted. I am looking forward to the day we can provide downloads from inside the library.

I remember Project Gutenburg as full text online books but just learned of the audio! Certainly has changed while I was doing other things.

Week 8

I tried Google Docs. Looks like another good collaboration tool. May also be good for our traveling staff. Customers - if we can figure out how to let them know about it - may find it a good tool as well.

2.0 awards can help customers to choose sites that are (sort of) recommended by others via the vote. I am hoping that people who vote actually use the tool they are voting for. It would be a good first stop on this info overload express.

Week 7

Wikis are great for collaboration on document creation or modification. We are currently using a wiki to update our strategic plan together.

I added my Blog link to the Sandbox.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week 6

de.lici.ous hmmm.... I looked. Am not a convert at this time, but definitely see potential if organized in a meaningful way. I guess that's the Librarian in me. Will look at this again later after I have a chance to read other's blog posts about it.

Technorati - COOL! This is something for me to play with again somtime. How about Miss Teen South Carolina? But then - everyone gets at least 15 minutes of fame. This was more orgainized and made a little more sense to me than de.lici.ous.

Web 2.0 - Michael Stephens comment about controlling "technolust" and that we need to know "Does it meet the users need in a new or improved way? Does it create a useful service for putting users together with the information and experience they seek?" Sometimes I feel like we are spinning out of control with trying to provide the latest and greatest while keeping staff interested and excited about change. I particularly agree with his paragraph on "Librarians 2.0 plans for their users".

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week 5

Want to search for soup recipes on my Rollyo search engine?

This will be me in Mexico in October! (I wish!) But who wouldn't like a frozen red drink 1/4 the size of their body??

Library Thing is interesting. I will go back some day. I really like how my colleagues have enjoyed it. It has inspired some to change the way they've always done things.

Week 4

I played with RSS feeds and created a Bloglines account. Can't say I can use this right now - I am overwhelmed with info coming at me. But it was fun to play with and good to know about. I was unsuccessful in sharing my blogroll.

I checked out the Merlin site - we share some of the same news blogs on our lists! I subscribed to the Merlin site feed - I think :) Really looking forward to getting back to some of this stuff later when I have more time to play.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Week 3

End of the Rainbow
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I found the end of the rainbow in London from The Eye. No pot of gold, though :( I am feeling somewhat accomplished! Technology is FUN! This was actually easy. I used the flikr blogging tool to do this.